Opening program, schedule, Arsenal pre-season 2023 tour of the United States

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Opening program, schedule, Arsenal pre-season 2023 tour of the United States

After the disappointment of winning the Premier League title in the past 2022/23 season, Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal will have more than a month to rest. Before going to camp get fit in July. They have a pre-season tour program. This summer in the United States. Which currently has at least 4 official competitive programs consisting of โปรโมชั่น ufabet

July 20 – Vs All-Star Major League Team

Open the head of the first pre-season game of artillery partisans By meeting with the all-star team Major League Soccer, managed by DC United manager Wayne Rooney, at Audi Field in Washington, D.C., kicks off at 7:30 a.m. ET.

July 23 – Meet a familiar friend, Manchester United.

After completing the mission with the American all-star team A few days later, Arsenal will play against Manchester United, who happen to be on the tour of Uncle Sam’s Dan as well. In which both teams will face each other in New York at 4:00 am local time.

July 26 – Vs Barcelona in LA

Upon completion of the mission in New York, Mikel Arteta’s team had to fly across the country to Los Angeles with a program to play against Barcelona, ​​the champions of La Liga last season. at the Sophie Stadium. Which marked the official end of the pre-season tour of America.

August 6 – Community Shield v Manchester City

After completing their mission in the United States, a week before the start of the Premier League, Arsenal are due to play in the annual Community Shield trophy as the second team. Originally, the league champion would compete with the FA Cup champion. But when the Blue Sailboat chartered like this, it had to be the duty of the league vice-champion team to do the job.