The coach Leicester City is still unclear.

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The coach Leicester City is still unclear.

The coach is still unclear.

As mentioned above, Dean Smith’s work in the King Power Stadium has not bad results from the last 8 games, although it may not lead the team to escape relegation in the end.

The problem is that the former Aston Villa manager’s contracts with assistants John Terry and Craig Shakespeare are all “short term” until the end of the season.

That means that at this minute, Leicester,

Apart from being in a broken team condition Falling into the seat of “rudderless”, there is no big manager either

The latest reports from The ทางเข้า ufabet say the Fox board is in talks with Smith about what to do next. When in fact they were satisfied with the performance of the team when the 52-year-old coach took over. But it’s up to Smith himself whether he’s willing to take charge of the team to fight in the second league battle or not.

As for if the conversation doesn’t fit. Having to split up in the end, it is said that Leicester have about 4-5 new managers to choose from.

  • – Enzo Maresca, former Italian midfielder Who plays Pep Guardiola ‘s right-hand man now

    – Steven Gerrard, another former Aston Villa manager and former Liverpool captain

    – Scott Parker, former Bournemouth manager Thor. Who was sack from Club Brugge in March

    – Ipswich Town manager Kieran McKenna. Who coach Leicester City recently led the White Horse to a League One runners-up, won promotion to the NPL. next time

Next season…What do you already know?

Take the basics first. This is something that Leicester will face for sure. in the near future

  • 10 June: The 2023 Summer Football Market officially opens

    22 June: Acknowledge the new EFL Championship season 2023/24 kick-off program that will be revealed on that day,

    23 July. : Come to tour Thailand, play pre-season coach Leicester City (With who is the coach? I don’t know what kind of footballer’s army looks) by playing against Spurs at Rajamangala University

    30 Jul. : Meet Liverpool in Singapore 4-5-6

    Aug. The opening game of the season

    1 Sept. : Market closes in the summer of 2023.

Fifty of the above That is enough to know for the 2023/24 season.